Publications with Charles X. Ling

We have published over 120 research papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, like TKDE, ICDM, ICML, IJCAI and KDD. For a detail publication list, Please see Professor Charles X. Ling's publication page or DBLP

Other Papers Students Published with Collaborators

  1. W. Gong, and Z. Cai, An Improved Multiobjective Differential Evolution based on Pareto-adaptive epsilon-dominance and Orthogonal Design, European Journal of Operational Research. Elsevier Press. Oct. 2009, 198(2): 576 - 601
  2. W. Gong, Z. Cai, and L. Zhu, An Efficient Multiobjective Differential Evolution Algorithm for Engineering Design, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. Springer-Verlag. Apr. 2009, 38(2): 137 - 157.
  3. W. Gong, Z. Cai, and L. Jiang, Enhancing the Performance of Differential Evolution Using Orthogonal Design Method, Applied Mathematics and Computation. Elsevier Press. Dec. 2008, 206(1): 56 - 69.
  4. J. Du. Cost Based Random Forest for Handling Class Imbalance Problem. Graduate Symposium at the 21st Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CAI), 2008
  5. J. Du, Z. Cai. A Sorting based Algorithm for Finding a Non-dominated Set in Multi‐objective Optimization. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC), 2007
  6. Ailing Ni, Xiaofeng Zhu, Chengqi Zhang: Any-Cost Discovery: Learning Optimal Classification Rules. Australian Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2005: 123-132
  7. Da Kuang, Jinhua Zheng: Strategies based on polar coordinates to keep diversity in multi-objective genetic algorithm. Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2005: 1276-1281

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