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 ====== Yan Luo ====== ====== Yan Luo ======
 {{:​people:​luo_yan:​name.png?​nolink}}\\ {{:​people:​luo_yan:​name.png?​nolink}}\\
 **Ph.D. Candidate**\\ ​ **Ph.D. Candidate**\\ ​
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 London ON N6A 5B7 Canada\\ London ON N6A 5B7 Canada\\
                                                                     ​                                                                     ​
-**Email**: ​//yluo84 |at| csd.uwo.ca//​ or //luoyan011 |at| gmail.com//​\\+**Email**: //luoyan011 |at| gmail.com//​\\

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