SRV-1 Swarm

The SRV-1 Swarm project is designed to control SRV-1 Blackfin robots either individually or collectively (in a swarm manner). This project provides a platform with well-designed user interfaces (UIs) and also application programming interfaces (APIs) to interact with SRV-1 robots.

Main Panel

The basic functionality of mainpanel is manipulating SRV-1 groups and views navigation.


Simple Console

Users can click on a SRV icon to open its simple control console. With such a control console, they can send simple movement commands to the SRV robot or read the frames from camera.

The picoC Editor

Users are able to transmit and execute picoC source code to multiple SRV-1 robots belonging the same SRV-1 group. When the transmission process is complete, users can check the content of each SRV-1’s flash buffer to ensure the source code is transmitted correctly. In terms of picoC source code execution, users can select certain SRV-1 robot(s) to run the picoC code stored in its/their flash buffer.

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