This prototype is designed to provide reliable positioning information to end users in indoor environments (at this point, the training has only conducted on the 2nd floor of Engineering build, Memorial University). It is also able to accept and process knowledge from end users and improve its performance.

Main Panel

The basic functionality of main panel is view navigation. Users are able to switch among views and modules in the main panel by touching corresponding icons wifimainpanel.jpg

Positioning View

The positioningView shown is a root navigation view for users’ positioning activities. It contains a scrollable map which presents system result and receives user’s suggestion position. The “finder” icon can be touched to load the positioningStart for variable Wi-Fi scan number selection. When the system returns a position estimate, the positioningView will ask users to provide feedback via loading the userFeedbackView. positioningview.jpg

Users are to allow a variable number of Wi-Fi scans in positioning.

This view presents animations showing a gradually decreasing uncertain area (the area of circle). At the same time, users will be experiencing a more accurate position estimation (the pin is approaching to user’s true position).

The User Feedback View

When the positioning process is complete, the system will ask users whether or not they want to provide feedback.

If users choose to provide positive feedback, they need to touch the map to suggest a new position. However, users may need to explore the map to make a satisfactory estimation.

The red cross on the system estimated position to indicate a rejection.

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