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Machine learning is a crucial component of any intelligence system. It attempts to discover trends and regularities from data, past mistakes, and/or other sources, in order to improve the intelligence system. Machine learning has been applied successfully in many areas. Machine learning applications are also often called data mining.

People in the Data Mining and Business Intelligence Lab at the Department of Computer Science, Western University have been doing extensive research in machine learning and data mining for well over 10 years.

Please see Publications for research outcome.


  • [Aug 23, 2013] Xiao Li successfully defended his PhD thesis. The title of his thesis was “Hierarchical Classification and its Application in University Search” and his supervisor was Dr. C.X. Ling.
  • [July 8, 2013] Paper “Clustering-Based Factorized Collaborative Filtering” by Nima Mirbakhsh and C.X. Ling accepted in The 7th ACM Recommender Systems Conference (RecSys), 2013.

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